He said …. She Said…  Hearsay..??

You were very accommodating to our needs and made this tough and emotional process very smooth.

Thank you for being beyond patient with us during this difficult time. I would recommend Chiba Attorneys to all my family and friends!


Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to you for your guidance and advice during this journey. You have practiced patience and understanding while providing clarity during a very stressful time. I am happy to finally be able to move on in every way!

Thank you again and as always you will come highly recommended by me.


What an amazing energy.

My outlook on my future has changed. Its not the end of the world. I have a new beginning.

Thanks again!!


Our attorney-mediator was prompt, attentive and courteous. She gently guided us through what could have been a difficult and aggressive process.

I’d recommend her to anyone.


I would advise divorcing couples to divorce with this kind of mediation. So much is lost in the way of money and emotional well-being, when with proper guidance and forward-looking wisdom this option can prove so effective.


Had we not found Chiba, I truly believe we would have been one of those expensive, ugly statistics.”
Our Attorney Mediator was not only professional and thorough but also caring. Everything exceeded my expectations.”


The mediation process was easy and as painless as it could be. The Ladies were extremely warm and friendly.

Great Service!!


I hear lots of horror stories from others about emotionally and financially draining litigation. Luckily this was not our experience at all.

With Chiba Attorneys help we were able to negotiate calmly and respectfully with one another.


The worst thing that could have happened to me.

The best experience I have had with a lawyer.


I didn’t realise how many areas of my life would be affected by my divorce.

I am so grateful for being fully supported.


Ideally, marriages don’t end in divorce. But for couples where this is the only option, I highly recommend Chiba Attorneys. Their professionalism, expertise and empathy are well received.

The holistic approach was exactly what I needed!!


I loved the process of mediation. I don’t know why anyone would choose any other way.

When we went off-track, we were drawn back to keeping our priorities, our children, the central focus.

Mediation does require parties to have a clear vision about what they want out of the process. But, even if you aren’t sure what this may be, the guidance provided will. Beyond what would happen with our children and the dividing of our assets, we were given direct assistance to financial and emotional support.


We definitely got more than we expected and were delighted that the process was smooth and hassle-free.