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Chiba Attorneys

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Do you need legal advice and support through a crisis?


Have you never contemplated having to use a lawyer and NOW you are forced to?


You not sure what the real cost will be?


Is it just not you to be embroiled in this sort of battle?

We look at the law holistically,
consciously and with ONE purpose…
to serve you fully.  

Let’s do this differently.

Want to know how to resolve any dispute?

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Looking for the quickest & cheapest divorce option by far?

Try out our on-line divorce

We love to free up your time and money for the things that matter…

Great for families/couples who already know what they want…

Looking for Legal, financial and parenting guidance… with a guarantee of the best quality of life possible after divorce…

From our hearts to yours… We give good guidance, sound legal solutions, lower your stress, bring you financial guidance, all the while putting your most important assets (you & your children) first.

Great for families who are still trying to figure out the road ahead










Labour Dispute Resolution






Looking for:

The employment & Labour Law solutions to suit your needs…

We got your back…

From disciplinary enquiries, CCMA referrals & representation to Labour Court.

Great for Employers or Employees in search of labour related solutions in your time of need

Looking to reduce the effort and time spent on preparing and defending construction claims…

We can give you back your time…

Coaching teams and training to mitigate and manage the effects of construction claims is what we do.

Great for contractors, contract managers, project managers & employers


Construction Claims Management






Thank you for all your contributions.

One percent of all profits are donated to charity


You were very accommodating to our needs and made this tough and emotional process very smooth.

Thank you for being beyond patient with us during this difficult time. I would recommend Chiba Attorneys to all my family and friends!


Ideally, marriages don’t end in divorce. But for couples where this is the only option, I highly recommend Chiba Attorneys. Their professionalism, expertise and empathy are well received.

The holistic approach was exactly what I needed!!


The mediation process was easy and as painless as it could be. The Ladies were extremely warm and friendly.

Great Service!!


I would advise divorcing couples to divorce with this kind of mediation. So much is lost in the way of money and emotional well-being, when with proper guidance and forward-looking wisdom this option can prove so effective.


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