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One Tuesday afternoon, sitting on the steps of the court under the hot sun in downtown Johannesburg, clad in our black suits after having won a huge litigation matter, we felt empty and unfulfilled. There was a voice from deep within which told every one of us, that litigating was not the only answer. And our constant slog at the job made us realise that this could surely not be all that the law offered? It did not answer our calling for doing work for purpose, work for love and work for truth. This is especially true in our society where so many people are suffering from the injustices of the past. It was obvious and clear to us that litigation further perpetuated broken relationships, broken homes, and tainted relationships. What broke our hearts the most was that often the divide between the haves and have not’s became even bigger and that the most vulnerable had little or no access to justice.


We knew that we needed to go deeper.



We are a business for profit. We knew that legal solutions cost money. But, we also knew that it shouldn’t have to drain you financially nor change who you are as a person. Disputes may cause you sleepless nights, but resolving them shouldn’t also lead to a break down in your relationships and complete financial drain. The emotional toll such conflicts take is enough in itself You shouldn’t have to mortgage your home nor change who you are as a person, because it’s costing you tons of time, money and effort..

From that moment, we decided to use more than just our experience, education and  training, but rather we intertwined/merged this with a passion for the law, truth and access to justice to turn our practice into something beneficial for both you and us. We started looking at the law holistically and consciously with a new purposeto serve you fully.

Our mission is to solve disputes by sitting around a table and bringing our best human side forward, hoping to meet each other halfway. This could be anything from conciliations to mediations to adjudications and arbitrations. All the while sipping on cappuccinos. It’s to look at you as a full and whole human being who can make your own choices and find the most workable solutions for your problems through the guidance of not just a mediator, but an attorney trained in the art of mediating disputes. We have taken mediation  a step further for you. We look at where you come from, take your current circumstances into account, where you are at right now mentally and emotionally, and what solutions you need. We understand that all of this impacts your life.

We all want to know what we are in for financially. We have created ‘All Inclusive’ packages in certain practice areas so that right from the word go, you have the luxury of both choice and certainty to choose the best options to suit your lifestyles. Our thirst for knowledge and learning is another one of our passions which is why we have created a training package to allow you to find your full strength … Check out our packages, its sure to spark your interest. Take the first step.

We are committed to bringing our full selves to the table… We hope that this helps you find your truth and access to the justice that you deserve.