Divorce Mediation











You see the current paradigm is that a successful marriage lasts for eternity. So even if the marriage is filled with lies and there is no growth, the key indicator to a successful marriage is longevity.

The definition of marriage should be changed from ‘longevity’ to defining marriage on the basis of growth, authenticity, freedom and honesty.

Divorce is simply the end of a phase.

At Chiba Attorneys we help you and your family transition this end of a phase into a new phase effortlessly with all the love, care and attention that you and your children deserve.

We say ‘NO!’ to the stigma attached to getting divorced through our divorce mediation packages.

Because when you are at peace about what marriage needs which is only about growth and connection then when this no longer exists there is a beautiful release of the marriage.

Want to have a feeling of abundance freedom and connection during this time, then a divorce mediation package is just what you need.

Thrive during this time!

Are you ready for a new phase in your life? This package will help you transition from one phase to the next peacefully and beautifully.

Through each mediation meeting you will make simple shifts which all culminate in your divorce. You will consistently choose love and acceptance which will lead to a solution that you never thought possible, but more so you and your loved ones will find ways to meet each other halfway…

You will find solutions that suit your lifestyle best.

You will find solutions that serve your kids with equanimity, freedom and abundance.

1.  All mediations meetings are covered (We find that 6 sessions maximum is all you need)
2.  You get a beautifully well thought out parenting plan that covers all that’s needed for your most important asset…your children.
3.  Our deepest commitment is to make sure that your health and well-being is taken care of. So, we include a consultation with a psychiatrist who looks after your needs mindfully and assists in moving to this next phase effortlessly.
4.  You’re finances during and after divorce keeping you up at night? Of course, it is…. So, from our hearts to yours we give you a consultation with a financial advisor who is sure to take care of all your financial needs.

Our package includes:

We usually charge R2500 per hour for our services, because we are worth it!








Not convinced to buy an entire package for your divorce mediation. Do you prefer the old-fashioned method of pay per consultation?

Don’t stress…we got you covered!

You still get that feeling of abundance, freedom and connection, except you control the cost and hours as you go along.

Your options are:

  • A 15 min Telephonic Consultation @ R250
  • A 30 min Telephonic Consultation @ R500
  • A WhatsApp Video Consultation – 60 mins @ R1300
  • WhatsApp 3-way video mediation session – 90 mins @ R1800

FAMILY MEDIATION WORKS!                                               


You were very accommodating to our needs and made this tough and emotional process very smooth. Thank you for being beyond patient with us during this difficult time. I would recommend Chiba Attorneys to anyone!


You made the mediation process easy and as painless as it could be. We received everything in an extremely timely manner and were thankful you were so easily accessible.


Although divorce is something I didn’t anticipate happening in my life, if it had to happen, I’m thankful that a service like the one that Chiba Attorneys provides is available.