The Disciplinary Process

















Chiba Attorneys are experts with over ten (10) years of experience in chairing disciplinary hearings. We also represent employees during the disciplinary process.

  1. Alleged offence takes place.
  2. Line head begins investigation into facts.
  3. Approach witnesses and employee with alleged offence.
  4. Obtain written statements from witnesses.
  5. Give employee opportunity to state version in writing.
  • The Employee may be assisted by representative.
  1. Line head decides if disciplinary action should be taken.
  2. If there is insufficient evidence, i.e.:
    1. No one under suspicion
    2. No evidence

Then there are no further steps in the process.

  1. If there is sufficient evidence to continue with the process then there are two steps to this, namely, informal process and formal process:

Once a disciplinary enquiry is convened, the chairperson decides on an appropriate sanction.

Should an individual be dismissed, they have the right to appeal to the CCMA/Bargaining Council.

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