Commercial & Contract Management











Most organisations in both the public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance.

 The complexity of construction contracts, globalization and increases in contract volumes have resulted in an increasing recognition of the importance and benefits of effective contract management.

 A project’s success is dependent on whether contractual and commercial / financial risks and interests can be pro-actively managed so that a “no surprise” financial conclusion is delivered.

When a person thinks of contract management, the first thing that comes to mind is the managing of documentation.

But contract management involves managing the life cycle of contracts within different phases.

The three elements of contract management include people, system support and processes.


Through our experience we are able to identify our client’s needs and have the ability to tailor our commercial management services to meet project specific requirements.

We have extensive experience in pre and post contract award phases and will ensure proper consideration is given to each phase of the commercial process including Procurement strategy, Bid support, Project documentation, Commercial strategy and procedures, Contractual advice, Contract administration, Correspondence and notices,  Variations/change control, Final account, Project close out reporting, Commercial management of subcontractor’s and supplier’s and dispute avoidance.

Commercial risks may arise due to the actions of either party to a contract. We have identified certain key contributors to ineffective procurement and contractual behaviour.

 We ensure that such risks are pro-actively managed through the implementation of sound contract and commercial protections which are put in place alongside practical controls and changes evaluated against the time and cost impacts.

We are alive to Employers’ and Contractors’ interests, issues, considerations and risk factors. We are therefore uniquely positioned to provide support, advice and astute solutions with respect to all commercial aspects.

Effective management of the above starts with identification of the project risks at the outset, deciding which party is best able to manage those risks, and selecting the correct strategy to match the chosen risk profile. We are best placed to provide risk and strategic advice.

We are able to develop bespoke contract & commercial procedures tailored to projects’ specific requirements. Such processes set out and assign tasks to individual members of the commercial team and provide clear lines of responsibility and accountability. The implementation of such processes, protects the party’s interests, assists in identifying and pursuing financial opportunities and ensures compliance with contract procedures.

Commercial Management includes contract management and is the management of healthy relationships between parties in line with the contract binding them.