Claims Management











Claims management plays a vital role in the construction life cycle.

It is required in every construction project which involves the art of assessing and presenting beneficial results to avoid a claim. This is always a desirable option as early settlement on issues between parties is always more time and cost effective.

Claims management ensures that relationships are not tarnished, delays are not incurred, and disputes do not arise between the contractor and Project Manager throughout the duration of the project.

Studies have proven that claims result in additional 30% increase in the original contract value and the time delays exceed the contract duration by 100%.

These claims not only lead to reputation damage, but it also fuels animosity between the parties throughout the duration of the contract. In addition to this, these disputes affect the successful completion of the construction project

Therefore, claim management is an unavoidable process in construction project management which requires effective management practices.

Chiba Attorneys provides this service by providing efficient and effective management during the entire life cycle of a project. We can identify claims/potential claims and evaluate the merits of such claims. By doing so, these potential claims can be avoided and resolved quickly, and the project can continue as planned without resulting in huge financial implications for the parties involved.