Commercial Mediation











Commercial Law governs

Understanding Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution.

Different role players in the construction industry

A neutral third party



Assists party A & Party B




To work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute.




Parties to a conflict, come together and with the help of a skilled commercial mediator attempt to resolve their differences, to avoid legal or arbitration proceedings.

Commercial mediation is:

  • Voluntary;
  • Confidential; and
  • Without prejudice to future legal processes.

Why Mediation?

Commercial mediation preserves business and commercial relationships post the dispute. It is also cost effective and prompt, unlike litigation and arbitration.

In the early stages the parties can explore alternatives to resolve the conflict and identify consequences should negotiations fail.

The Companies Act encourages the use of mediation by providing for alternative forms of commercial dispute resolution in the form of Mediation.


The Process

Chiba Attorneys and Commercial Mediation

 Our aim at Chiba Attorneys, is to work together with the parties to facilitate an agreement so that all parties are happy. Unlike litigation, we will not decide the cases based on the party’s merits, with mediation the parties retain control of their decision.

Our skilled commercial mediators are able to facilitate such online mediations in a flexible and convenient manner to resolve disputes anytime and anywhere and at a pace that suits all parties. This is an incredible and time efficient process.