It was the night that changed my life forever…….

All I heard were three gunshots from the bedroom and I suddenly knew my life would be different after that day.

Tina and I were more than cousins, we were best friends and shared practically everything from clothes to crushes. After her parent’s divorce, her mother received the exciting news that she was being offered a position at one of the top law firms in Cape Town. Tina was excited for the big move, but I guess her father didn’t share the same sentiments. He felt as if his child was going to be taken away from him FOREVER so instead, he shot my aunt three times in the head in the hope that this dreadful relocation would not occur, and he would have full custody of Tina.

Instead of having a farewell party for my aunt we had a funeral for her the very next day.

This ending should never be anyone’s beginning!

If relocation is a concerning topic between you and your ex- spouse, approach Chiba Attorneys to assist you mediate this concern so that all parties are satisfied with the outcome but more importantly, the best interest of your child is taken into account

Here are some useful Factors that may assist you when you are faced in a similar situation.

Wrongful Retention and removal of a child

 The removal and retention of a child is wrongful if there is a breach of rights in terms of custody. Usually an urgent application can be brought in motion court to hear this matter due to severity. The guardian can consent to removal of the child however where there is a situation of joint guardianship, both guardians must consent to the removal from South Africa.