Carol worked seven days a week and earned R15.20 an hour.  She was absolutely devasted when she realised that she was paid below the minimum wages according to the gazette. Lets bear in mind that carol is a single parent of four and looks after her ill mum who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

If you have been placed in a similar situation as Carol, the information stated below would be useful to you

What are minimum wages?

It is the minimum sum payable to a worker for work performed or services rendered, within a given period (…) which may not be reduced either by individual or collective agreement (and) which is guaranteed by law.

The primary goal of any minimum wage policy is to increase the incomes of those at the very bottom of the wage scale through a distribution of national income. Low wages are a prime contributor to poverty and misery for large sections of the working class


The National Minimum Wage Act

The National Minimum Wage Act empowers the National Minimum Wage Commission to assess and review the wage each year. This means that the wage is likely to be reviewed again in the coming years.

South Africa’s new minimum wage which will take effect from 1 March 2020. The gazette states that the new national minimum wage is R20.76 – an increase of 3.8%. 

The gazette also outlines the minimum wage for workers in certain sectors.

This includes:

  • Farmworkers are entitled to a minimum wage of R18.68 per hour;
  • Domestic workers are entitled to a minimum wage of R15.57 per hour;
  • Workers employed on an expanded public works programme are entitled to a minimum wage of R11.42 per hour.