“The Children…. I live for them…………”

Kate’s family was torn apart by her husband’s abuse…… She endured this torture for seven years until she gathered the courage to get him arrested.

She and her six children and trying very hard to rebuild their lives but those painful memories will never be forgotten…..

What is gender Based Violence (GBV)?

It is violence as a result of unequal power relationships between genders in a society.

Do you know of someone of have you been a victim of gender-based violence?

Let me give you an example, you may think it’s extremely silly however it is this type of behaviour/ thinking that gives rise to Gender Based Violence daily.

Example 1– it’s a Sunday afternoon and I have prepared a scrumptious meal for dinner. After dinner I asked my husband to assist with the dishes, his response was astounding – “why should I? you are a woman, it’s your job and if you ever ask me that again I will give you a thrashing!”

Example 2– in the workplace- “I don’t think you should go to the construction site today, wouldn’t want yah to break a nail while taking down measurements”


 “I don’t think that are competent for the job, BUT if you have sex with me, I promise to put in a good word for you “

If you heard any of these phrases, sadly you are a victim of gender-based violence.

One in three women will experience some form of abuse in her lifetime.

Since October, millions of women in more than 80 countries have come forward to testify about the harassment, assault and terror they have experienced – and even this is only a glimpse into the horrifying magnitude of the problem.

Negative attitudes about women and girls pave the way for abuse.