Kayoori Chiba

Kayoori Chiba


Kayoori graduated with an LLB degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2002.

After completing her articles at Ian Levitt Attorneys, she was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2004. She was appointed as a Senior Associate and remained there until 2007. Thereafter she joined Nedbank Limited and was appointed as a Senior Manager in the Home Loans Foreclosure Division. She then fulfilled the role of a Senior Manager in the Debt Counselling and National Credit Act (“NCA”) environment.

She was the founder of Chiba Attorneys in 2010. During her years of practice as an Attorney she has been involved in High Court and Magistrates Court Litigation, Employment Law, Criminal Litigation, Family Law and Eviction Applications.

Amongst other things, she has been involved in litigation relating to breach of contracts, damages claims, urgent applications, motor vehicle accident claims, as well as representations during arbitration proceedings in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court disputes and debt collection.

She was involved in debt collection acting on behalf of Nedbank in the Home Loans division, and has collections experience on Vehicle Asset Finance, Credit Card, Personal Loans and Current Accounts Collections Divisions. During her years of practice she has also been involved in collections for state owned entities such as Joburg Water and City of Joburg.

As a Senior Manager Kayoori was involved in the interpretation of current legislation and its impact on the business area, staff and all stakeholders. She was further required to process recommendations in order to minimise the impact of the NCA on the business as well as putting compliance controls in place for implementation of the NCA. This involved examining the compliance risk environment and the various risks that the business may face as a result of implementation and ensuring that all processes, systems and strategies were in place for proper implementation of the NCA with minimal risk and impact. She further advised the business unit on various compliance requirements and made recommendations from a legal perspective. This involved analysing the code of banking practice and compliance thereof from a client and business perspective.

She was also responsible for both the Client Care Management (Call Centre) and Recoveries ensuring best practice in minimizing risk and compliance with policies and procedures to contain risk.

Whilst holding the position as Head of the Debt Counselling division at Nedbank, clients were assisted to restructure their debts in terms of debt re-arrangement and consolidation of debts.

Kayoori has assisted in running the family law help desk at Pro for more than a year.

She is currently involved in Civil Litigation in the High Court and Magistrates Court as well as Employment related matters in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court and debt collections.