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About Us

Chiba Attorneys is a fully black woman owned law firm practising in the Johannesburg region since 2010. The firm possesses extensive experience enabling us to cover a wide range of services designed to satisfy the unique individual needs of our market segments. The partners have over 20 years combined experience. We at Chiba Attorneys pride ourselves on the highest level of integrity and personal attention to detail, that act as our guiding system in day-to-day activities.

It is precisely because of our well executed approach and operational excellence, that substantial growth has been achieved and maintained over the years through referrals, which stands testimony to the satisfaction of our clients. Our attorneys are dynamic, competent and capable of handling any legal transaction with the highest level of professionalism expected from our vocation.

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General Commercial law

High Court and Magistrate Court Civil litigation

Debt collection

Employment/Labour Law

Family Law

Construction & Engineering Law

Eviction Law

Criminal Law



Employment Law

Chiba Attorneys possesses sound expertise and experience in the field of employment law. In particular, Chiba Attorneys has provided advisory services on disputes arising from, inter alia, insubordination, mal-performance of employment duties and other instances of breach of contract. We have also represented clients in dispute resolution and other employment related forums, thus building credible expertise and experience in the following:

Drafting of charge sheets for internal disciplinary hearings
Prosecuting at disciplinary hearings
Presiding and drafting of findings at disciplinary hearings
Representing clients (both employers and employees) at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils
Drafting various legal opinions on labour matters
Drafting Employment contracts
Instituting and Defending proceedings the Labour court.


Commercial Law

Amongst the legal services we provide, a significant portion thereof is on commercial litigation. This entails either instituting litigation on behalf of or defending litigation brought against our clients. The litigious matters we handle range from a variety of areas including:

Debt collection
Contractual disputes
Complex commercial disputes
Construction related disputes


Debt Collection

Chiba Attorneys specialise in debt collection. We have extensive experience in collections through exposure in the corporate space. Having this exposure in the corporate space has equipped us with the ability to service clients requiring high volume debt collections. Our years of experience in the corporate collections environment has armed us with the knowledge to ensure we focus on maintaining ethical conduct, efficiency and speed, all of which are crucial within the debt collection industry. We understand the importance of providing statutory compliance services to our clients to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements, particularly relating to the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and Magistrates Court Act, as applicable. One of the cornerstones of our practice is assisting with prescription interruption and keeping costs at a minimum being of paramount importance. Chiba Attorneys will always ensure that the reputation of any of its clients is in no way harmed by any of the processes we follow. Legal action will always be taken through the correct jurisdictions and using processes that will ensure judicial oversight.


Construction and Engineering Law

Chiba Attorneys is one of the only fully black woman owned law firms that has extensive know-how on Construction and Engineering Law. The firms experience stems from being involved in two major capital expansion projects (Medupi and Kusile) from inception of these projects. The firms involvement in further construction based projects has culminated in extensive experience ensuring that Chiba Attorneys is able to provide legal advice on various aspects in the built environment. Such experience includes:

Drafting of tender documentation
Advising on legislative compliance specific to State Owned Enterprises
Detailed evaluations of tender submissions, including identification and mitigation of commercial risks
Participation in on-going negotiations for major capital expansion projects
Assisting in drafting of standard form qualifications and project specific contracts
(including Special Conditions, guarantees, and appendices to contracts) for tendering purposes and contract placement.

Who We Are


Chiba Attorneys utilises Swordfish Debt Collection software.

The benefits of this are increased productivity, customisation and integration, better service and increased capacity.


*Chiba Attorneys is a member of the LSNP (Law Society of the Northern Provinces)

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Johannesburg, SA


First Floor Soho Square
50 Grant Avenue


Email address:
Phone:  +27 (0) 11 029 7670/1

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